Considering the scarcity of ventilators in the actual context, INESC TEC and several other partners have been working on PNEUMA, a prototype for a low-cost and easy to assemble field ventilator, which aims to address the following demands:

  • Temporary support in second and third-line hospitals:
    • Patients awaiting transfer to central hospitals, including patients without COVID-19.
  • Scenario of moderate shortage of ventilators:
    • Alternative to transient invasive ventilation in patients with acute respiratory failure requiring volume and respiratory rate control;
    • Availability of ventilators for cases that require the fine monitoring of parameters – pressure exerted, inspiratory/expiratory ratio (I:E), etc.;
  • Scenario of critical shortage of ventilators:
    • Possible alternative in the event of the complete absence of ventilators.


  • All information included in this website is preliminary and subject to change during the development of the PNEUMA prototype;
  • All information stems from the knowledge of those involved, and may be incomplete;
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